Saturday, February 25, 2012

they checked in.....

Well, I don't know if I can really post much in my blog... because, while my buds checked in at NEADS on Thursday... I checked out... at the vet's. It was time for my "big dog" surgery and Mom said that it's none too soon. I'll admit, I think the gals are much better than obedience right now, and if I'm going to be a service dog, I have to get my head "out of the clouds and into work". So, the visit to the vet should take care of that. But Mom can tell you all about the day.... and I'll continue to rest and get back on my feet...
ready (almost) to go... Norton!!!
So, we arrived at NEADS for our usual check in. Because I had to drop Norton off for his "visit", Kathleen and I were running a tad behind the others. Dave was already going over question and answer time with Randi, Rick and June (Vickie's Mom).. and Bernice had come along for the ride as well. As usual, the puppies waited around while the humans talked. Since I was puppy-less, I did lots of listening and taking of photos. I miss not having a pup to work and already looking forward to next month, where Mr. Norton and I can be part of the team again!!!!
Before we headed to the city though, we had one stop and pick up to make. This cute little brown butt belongs to Monty!!!! Who is now the newest member of the Maine Team....

and Kathleen's new project. Monty is a four month old, chocolate lab. He is full of energy, fun and I just know he's going to be a great project!!!!

Once we had Monty all loaded up, it was into the city. Here is Randi and Stoney.... hard to believe (by the way everyone is dressed) that this is the month of February!!!! It was a warm, almost spring like day and made working quite pleasurable!!!!

Bernice and Rick.. ready to get to work. We made it into the hospital as usual, but didn't get into the train station this time around. I hope we will next month, because trains are one thing that the Maine group really doesn't encounter.

Busy city streets are a good place to practice calm sits. For some reason I felt the city was quite busy this day... might have been just the time of day.. or that the construction on the new building (across from the hospital) was in full swing, but it just seemed so loud to me.

Kathleen opted to stay out of the hospital with Monty. They were just getting to know each other, and that alone is a lot for a new pup. So, to prevent any "accidents" of one kind or another, they just enjoyed the sun together and got to know each other for a bit.

Sweet face of the future... who and what will you become Monty? Only time will tell... but you will be well loved in Maine!!!!

NEADS was busy as well. Since it was school vacation week, there have been a number of groups coming by to take tours. This was a boy scout/girl scout group that came to take a peek. Wished Norton could have been there to see all those kids... he would have been in love.
So, another wonderful day of good friends, dogs and things to work on. We picked up "my boy" on the ride north... stopped at our favorite Cracker Barrel for dinner, and headed for home. Another month's check in.... time sure flies by when you are having fun!!!

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