Friday, December 9, 2011

starting to be Christmas

On Saturday (12/4) Mom and Dad took Camille and I, and went to a parade. I have been to parades before, and I have come to learn something about them... they never seem to be exactly the same thing. I mean they are the same in that there are lots of people, and noise and things to look at, but then... they're not the same at all. Mom called this a Christmas parade, and I liked it very much.

Course, you know me... I have to "work the crowd" and I have also learned... being a golden, everyone loves to hug.

Here's a nice family photo... Nate and Kassy (they have Charlie and Banjo) and then Dad and Mom (with me and Camille) Mom sure likes to wear her NEADS jacket.... it gives her the chance to talk about service puppies all the time!!!

It began to get dark, and Camille and I just hung out waiting for the parade to come by.

And so it did. There were lots of floats that had all kinds of "strange creatures" on them. I just sat and watched and took the "often" hugs and hello's from the other people watching.

Kas, her friend Crystal and Charlie.... (who loves to have his photo taken!!!)

There were even ponies in the parade!!! They were fun to watch, we have ponies at home but I did notice that some of the other dogs watching the parade barked at the ponies. I didn't think that was very nice!!!

And firetrucks... goodness they are loud (and very bright when it's dark outside). Fortunately Mom has told me all about fire trucks, so when some of the other doggies were hiding away from them....

I just stood and watched. I agree they are loud, but they also just keep going by, so there isn't anything to be afraid of.

After the parade we went back to Kassy and Nate's house. The humans had some good things to eat, and the doggies all hung out together. Towards the end of the evening Banjo got tired and decided it was time for bed...

Taking his clue, we packed up and headed for home ourselves. The little town sure looks pretty with all it's decorations, and Mom said that it's staring to be Christmas again....

love, Ginger

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