Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa - I've been good!!!!

Today was such a fun day... I met up with all my service dog friends - at a very special place.... Cabela's (where Auntie Linda works). It was very busy there, and we got lots of attention from many people... but we were really there to talk with one person in particular!!!!


Auntie Linda had spoken with Santa and told him how good we have been all year. Santa wanted to see us and let us know that he knows... and to see what special treats we might be asking for...

Mom said she had some special requests as well, so she sat with me, Mrs. Santa and Santa himself to have a little chat.

Then, all the puppies wanted to sit with them. Otis, Leo (who is telling a secret to T) Loyalty, and me!!! Santa was quite impressed with our sit stays!!!

We then told Auntie Linda that she needed to sit with the Santa's and us and have her photo taken. Since Leo, T and myself are heading to college very soon.. this may be the last photo of all of us together...

T was quite impressed with Santa... I think he asked for many things (you know poodles!!!) After our meeting with Santa, all our humans went out to eat, course we had to "be quiet under the table" but that's OK, we were really talking about Santa and the fact that he will be coming soon!!!!

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