Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween and I won!!!!

Yes, that's me... can you believe it. I spent Halloween with Auntie Linda... and at her work, they were having a costume contest. Well, guess who got dressed up!!!! Do you know what I am... a hula girl!!! (because Auntie Linda LOVES Hawaii!!!)

Course, it wasn't all play... I still had to put in my work time (at least I can make the humans think I know how to run a computer!!!)

At first I was a little "unsure" about "Tigger"... but I soon learned it was just a friend dressed up... and then

I fell in love with Tigger!!!

And don't forget Pooh --- who I just cuddled with.

Unknown to me, there was a prize for the best costume, and it was a voted thing... well guess what --- I won!!!

Auntie Linda got me all kinds of new things with my prize money - and she is hanging onto my new things as a graduation next spring -- when I have finished college!!! Pretty neat, eh???

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