Friday, November 11, 2011


Mom says that today is a very important day... Veteran's Day.. a day that we take time to remember all the men and women who have served (and are currently serving) our country... keeping it a safe place to live, and allowing us many privileges that other countries don't have. Dogs have served for us as well... so Mom just wanted to be thinking of everyone on this day.

She can't help but think of the NEADS dogs that are serving as well... dogs that have been matched for the veterans who have returned with injuries. She is so proud to work with such a great organization that offers these brave people some help when they need it. Becoming a veteran's dog is a very special thing......

Course, I don't know if I will become a veteran's dog, but I am hoping there will be a special job for me to do. In the meantime, I am just practicing as much as I can --- with Mom. And a few days ago, we went and "voted"... Mom says this is one of those privileges that the veterans have secured for us.. and it's important that we do that.

I don't understand "voting", but Mom said I did my part well.. by laying quietly in the voting booth while she did what needed to be. Ok, by me... I can do that. Of course on our way out, we stopped and chatted about service dogs, and people seem to like hearing about me. Mom says that with me, she never can go anywhere "quickly"... but she doesn't mind.. the more that we can talk about service dogs and how we give to mankind.. the better....

Happy Veterans day..... love, Ginger

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