Saturday, October 29, 2011

visitng once again...

Hi everyone.. well, here I am "reporting from the road"... actually I am on a puppy swap and will be going to two homes!!! My first stop was with Kelli and Rick and the boxers. They have a pretty fun house... boxers know how to enjoy life!!! I had a good time staying at their house, and got to try a few new things that my Mom didn't think to do with me. I am being very good and sort of enjoy this overnight thing.

After a bit of time there, Rick took me to meet up with Auntie Linda... I have stayed with her before. She had such a nice time with me, that she asked Mom if I could come back again!!! We did all sort of silly things ... Auntie Linda dressed me up for something called Halloween.
Then we went to an event called a football game. That was interesting... lots of people, noise and a neat game to watch. it was fun.

I kept an eye on things for awhile. It might have been fun to chase that ball around!!!!

But, after a while, decided to take a little snooze. It was a great time with Linda, I went to work with her (where I am always spoiled)... played with Chloe and just enjoyed my time. I'll be going back to the farm in a few days.... my Mom misses me....

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