Tuesday, October 4, 2011

just doing "things"

Here I am again... yes, that's me - Ginger, and I am now beginning to be the "quite grown up gal". There are changes happening around here.. of course our wonderful new yard, but I have noticed the trees are turning colors, and there are so many more leaves on the ground. The air is cooler and the sun isn't out as long. Mom has told me that bigger changes are still to come, she hugs me a lot (well, she has always hugged me alot), but now she tells me that our time together is coming to an end... course I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I do know Mom seems sad when she tells me this, and will quickly change the subject sometimes. She has always told me that this isn't my real home, but somehow I get the feeling that "it's" getting close.......

and then, there are things are that just the same. I still go to puppy classes every week. I like to help out with the classes, Mom lets me play with the other puppies, and then I go out on the floor and show them "what" their lessons will look like once they learn how to do them.

Mom says that I know my lessons very well and she is always so pleased when I do them well.

We are still taking all kinds of "field trips" together, on this one day, I went with Mom and Dad to pre-school. It was fun to visit with the children, but Mom also used the time to have me practice some of my stay work.

The kids were "worried" and thought that I had been sent to "time out"... but I knew that I was just being a good girl.

Mom still makes me practice riding on the floor of the truck. I try to tell her that I am too big to fit in this space, but we actually know better. I can curl up enough to lay on the floor when I want to.

We made a trip into a pet shop and I just loved watching the little critters scurry around. I know not to chase them or woof at them (afterall, I have guinea pigs at home).. but they were fun to watch just the same.

Pretty much, life is doing the same things again and again. Mom says there isn't much more she can think "to do" with me, and that it's time for me to think about moving onto to "college"... I think she is trying to prepare herself for the days ahead....

am I ready??? well, time will tell..............

Love to all, Ginger

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