Monday, October 24, 2011

another day at NEADS...

Hello everyone... this is Ginger!!! We have been having some very fun days here on the farm. Last Sunday, Mom thought it would be fun to invite everyone over and have a play day in the new fenced yard. Not all my buddies were able to come, but the ones that could... we had a great time!!!!

Brothers, Otis and Edgar love to be together (just like me and Leo) and they stayed together for most of the afternoon. The humans stood and watched us playing and seem to enjoy their own visit time.

Lots of "retrievers!!!" here we have me... Otis, Edgar, Stoney and then visitors as well, were Ranger (Stoney's friend) and Mindy....

After our playtime, the humans came in for some cocoa and snacks that Mom had for them. We were pretty happy to just chill out and rest together... Mom always say that "tired puppies are good puppies"... I wonder what she means about that....

I sure do like having so much company... I'm a party girl at heart!!!!!

Our friends went home, and Mom and Dad, with Kelli and Rick... took Otis and I and went out to dinner. This is a favorite place of theirs.. Mom says the food is good, but she likes "how they feel about having service dogs come to visit".....

On Monday we were on our way to NEADS. Turn in day is getting very close for Leo and I, so I guess we won't have too many more training days like this. And I also heard that it won't be too long before T will have his turn in date... puppies grow too quick.

It was such a pretty day, that we met with Dave outside. He likes to hear all about us, what we have done for our training, and if our people have any questions. Mom loves talking with Dave, even though she is a trainer herself, she says it's great fun to be a "student" once in awhile.

Since we had so much fun at the train station last month, we all wanted to go there again. There are so many good things to work with.. and like Mom said, we don't have that sort of thing on the farm!!!

We went out on the loading platform, Dave was hoping that we might have the chance to see a train pull into the station. Well, we didn't get to see a passenger train, however a freight train did go by. It had A LOT of cars... it sort of caught out interest at first, but then it was kind of boring. We just laid quietly and waited for the humans to have us do something else. Dave was pleased to see that.

We even went over to the hospital. Oh those elevators.. Mom says no matter how many service puppies she raises, she doesn't think she'll ever get used to elevators. However, looks like T and Leo have no troubles at all with them. (Leo is even looking out and enjoying the ride!!!!)

Course, at the end of the day... this is what we all look like. I don't mind it being a long drive home, when you're tired and can cuddle with friends, what could be better than that.

so... until I blog again.... all my love, Ginger!!!

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