Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hello... no I am NOT Ginger.. I don't even look like Ginger!!! I am Otis... and Ginger and I are on a puppy swap. Ginger has gone to my house, and I am here visiting with Sue and Ed on the farm. It's kind of fun (I miss my family).. but my brother Edgar is here, so I got to have lots of fun time with him. Course, Sue... she never lets you just "vacation" on the farm, and one afternoon she packed me up and took me shopping. (It's kind of boring, but she and Ed needed a few items) I sat quietly and waited.

Sue wanted to get a new pair of shoes, so when we went over the shoe area, she tried to make me "under" this tiny little stool. I did just what she asked, but you know... sometimes... you just can't fit!!! I did the best I could and she said I was excellent!!!

They have some pretty strange look creatures at this store (Cabele's) so Sue made me pose for a picture... that she sent a copy to my family. I again, was perfect... there's not much scary about stuffed animals....

I slept most of the ride home.. something about shopping that just wears a dog out. I will be here on the farm a few more days, and it will be back home with Kelli, Rick and the boxers... but all in all... not a bad swap......

best wishes.... Otis

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