Friday, September 30, 2011

our big "new" yard

Hello everyone... here is me and brother Leo, he came to spend a day at the farm while his Mom and Dad went on a little day trip. I love seeing my brother and I am such a lucky girl, because we get to see each other at least once a week... and sometimes more. Mom gated us out on the mudroom, we like to play rough and the cockers aren't too happy when we do.

Mom said something about our wrestling won't be happening like this anymore... she said "when the yard is finished you two can be outside"... but when Leo came, our yard wasn't finished quite yet....

I wasn't so sure what she meant about that, but it certainly stirred up some interest around here.... Camille and Tazzy sat in the window and watched all the activities in the back yard....

Hunter found his little place to watch....

and then finally it seemed, Mom said... "it's all done" (she seemed extremely happy about this) and she opened the door and we all ran out to this... our backyard is now completely fenced and it has a ton of room.

Right away Edgar and I had a good game of chase. We can run all we want and we don't get in the way of the cockers... (who do not appreciate being run over by big dogs!!!)

Mom said she had so much fun just watching us. She says that we are safe now (from all the wild critters that live around us) and she can now let us out to play and she doesn't worry.

Ya.. this fence idea is a pretty good one.

And with all these beautiful days, it is so nice to be out in the sun and enjoying the weather. Mom says these are very special days and she will always remember our happy times.

Love to all, Ginger

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