Sunday, September 25, 2011

the latest check in

Hi all, Ginger here.. we had a another wonderful day in the city and working with Dave. Mom was actually working with Edgar (another NEADS dog that is taking a little break here on the farm - guess you knew that).. so I got to work with Auntie Linda. She and I have a great friendship and she likes me as much as I like her.

We had a big crowd again this visit.. Leo, Otis, T, Freedom, Edgar, Stoney and I...we first met at NEADS, where Dave always answers questions and gives advise, and from there it was off to the city. We checked out the hospital again, and then Clover's Dad suggested we take a peek at the train station. Oh my, was that ever fun, and offered so many training situations
Anyways, the train station had nice shiny floors, stairs way that were "open"... places to practice "under" -- an elevator.. and then to top it all off, a train pulled in as we were there. All sorts of people got off the train with all different types of baggage, and we all just sat and watched. Not one of us were "afraid or worried" about any of it. (I think Dave was pretty impressed) After all the people went by, we went out on the loading dock and just watched the train as it sat waiting for it's next trip. Dave spoke to the conductor and asked if we might just step on and off the train the a few times before it left. He thought that would be fine, so we each took a turn. Just stepping on the train... standing for a few moments and stepping off again. It was kind of cool, a little like "riding" in a really big car!!! We posed for some photos, and then sat and watched as the train pulled out of the station. It was kind of loud.. but again, no one was bothered by that.

We then made one more stop at NEADS for food and supplies, piled into the cars and headed north. Dave is working on our "turn in date" (for me and Leo) and will have the news sometime in the next few days. Mom told me that she is really going to miss me..... maybe even a little more than she missed Chester!!! Mom says that I am really special and have turned out to be a good girl (of course).. but I know that she is excited to see where my journey will take me and what wonderful things I will bring to me "forever partner".... Mom has begun praying for my new person - who ever they are.. and likes to think about where they are right now. Of course, we have no idea of "who" this person is... but they are already special to us.

And so, it was back to the farm, where another exciting event has begun... but .. that's the next blog...

love to all, Ginger

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