Thursday, September 22, 2011

out and about

Otis and I had yet another "outing" together. That's one of the neat things having humans who are friends and raising us puppies together.... lots of outings where we are all together. This event was a motorcycle ride that Dad and Rick went on. So, it was Mom and Kelli (and Abbie) that took us down to see the bikes and do some "public training"

Because Mom works on Saturday mornings, many of the bikes had already gone home by the time we arrived. But, the band was still playing (too loud Mom thought) and there was all kinds of food, and a good number of people. Just the sort of thing Mom is always looking for - for me.

Abbie asked me to lick the ice cream off her fingers, I was more than happy to do that job for her - though Mom didn't exactly approve of that....

and she told me lay down and let Abbie do her own licking of fingers (really, though - I would have done a much better job!!!!)

A few days after that, we went to a luncheon for a group of ladies that have done volunteer work. Kathleen was the guest speaker and told all about the work that service dogs do... and all about the things that puppy raisers do.

Edgar, Otis, Leo and I all attended. Our big "job" was to lay under the tables and "be good". Some of the people came to pat us, but not as many as I am used to. (Edgar looks bored)

I have done things like this so many times, that I know how to get comfortable. Mom is used to my using her foot as a pillow......

Rick talking with the ladies and Otis taking it all in....

Leo waited quietly while his Mom talked to the ladies...

I can't say it was the most exciting outing we have done, but sometimes, it's just the way it works.. and Mom says it's all good.

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