Saturday, November 27, 2010

first snow....

Yesterday , Mom and I were up bright and early. She had to meet up with a family because she was going to be watching their dog. So, she decided that it would be a good time for us to make our first public outing. We went to Walmart, there is a Dunkin Donut shop there, and while Mom sat and had a coffee, I sat and watched the crowd go by. There were a lot of people out shopping (it's called black Friday), and I saw a lot of shopping carts and big bags. But none of that bothered me. Mom let people who wanted to, pet me, and I thought that all the attention was pretty grand.

I just wanted to show you this picture of the chickens. I am not allowed to chase them... and the white fluffy bird is Mom's favorite, her name is Beeker!!!

And this is my house!!! The weather is kind of grey looking...

And this is what it brought... SNOW!!! not very much to be sure, but it's my very first!!!

course, I thought it was just grand!!! I ate it, rolled in it and zoomed around.

You know, life is pretty good.... I'm having fun!!!

Love, Ginger!!!

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