Tuesday, November 23, 2010

day one....

Hello, my name is Ginger, I am 11 weeks old and have just arrived at a place called Sweetgrass farm. I am a golden retriever and my future plan is to become a service dog. My new Mom says she will do everything she can to help me make my goal. This blog is all about me, and will be a story about my first year. I am my Mom's second puppy that she will raise for NEADS and I can tell you, she is so happy and exited that I am here.

My first day was a time to get settled in, though my Mom believes too in jumping right in (notice in the last photo, I am wearing my gentle leader!!) There is much to do and see, I live with six cocker spaniels, two cats and a little baby who is called Abbie. The house is filled with sound and sight, and after a little bit, it made me sleepy and I found a little spot to myself under Abbie's chair.

I also live with Sadie. She gave me a brushing and trimmed my nails. I was a very good puppy and quietly sat in her lap while she fussed over me.

Then Mom said it was time to check out the barn. We took a short walk and came to another building. At first I wasn't so sure, there are some mighty strange animals in this place. Mom says it's home to "the horses, guinea hens and chickens". I didn't mind the birds so much, they pretty much kept to themselves...

but the horse-things wanted to be friends. At least I think they were friendly, as they came right towards me. I had to think about them for a minute, but they seemed nice.....

so, I got brave and walked up to "her" (this is Mocha by the way - she is a miniature horse). I even sniffed her nose, she didn't seem that interested in me. It was fun at the barn, but I have to admit, I took a good nap when we got back to the house.

Later in the day, we went and got Kathleen and my brother Leo. Did I tell you, that Leo is just in the next town and my Mom and Leo's Mom are good friends. So, we will be able to see each other often. My Mom is so happy that she and her good friend can raise us puppies together!!! But as I was saying, we met up with Kathleen and Leo, and went to "puppy school". Mom is the teacher at puppy school, so I worked with a nice lady called Wanda. Here Leo and I are working on a command that is called "down".

It didn't take us long to figure it out.. we're both very smart puppies. So, that was pretty much my first day. Mom says I am off to a good start.. and that sounds good to me!!! After puppy school we drove home, I was happy to climb into my little crate and I slept the whole night thru.

and so I will say good night, and sign off....

love, Ginger

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  1. Welcome little Golden puppy Ginger! Logan remembers when she was starting out on her service dog journey just like you. We can't wait to meet you!