Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hi, it's me again - Ginger!!! Today is Thanksgiving, I don't really know what that means, except the house smells really good and there are people coming to visit today. Mom tells me that "the family" is very excited to meet me. She says that they loved Chester and she knows that they will love me just as much. I have been doing very well these past couple of days, I am sleeping thru the night, working out my house training skills and practicing some of my obedience commands. The days a full and fun.

I wanted to tell you about baby Abbie. She and I are going to be great friends!! I love to follow her all around the house, she is just learning to walk, so whenever I follow her, my Mom is always telling me "gentle". I guess they want to make sure I don't topple her over.

This is what the dining room table looked like. Sadly I didn't get any of "this" food, in fact, I wasn't even allowed near the table. I had to go into my crate while the people ate.

But, after dinner, I was let out and got to play with another little girl, she is Naomi.. my Mom's niece. She was fun to play with and we had a great time together....

we wore each other out. My Mom says that tired puppies (and children) are "good things".. whatever that means!!!!

so another fun day,

love, Ginger

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