Friday, December 10, 2010

training day....

Hello, it's me again... Ginger!!! Just reporting in on what's been going on around here. This is me with Camille!!! Camille is Mom's "other" dog - actually there are several "other" dogs that I live with... all cocker spaniels!!! But Camille is the one that helps Mom teach dog classes, so, she always go, and now I do too. Right now, Camille and I are the same size, but Mom says that it won't be "that way" for long. (by the way, can you see the big bump on my head... I knocked it and got this big goose egg... Mom took me to the vet, just to be sure everything is OK... and it is, silly me)

Here I am with my brother... Leo. I am so excited that we get to see each other quite often. This was at puppy class and our Mom's always give us the chance to play together.

Actually, Mom and Dad went on a little vacation for a long weekend, and I got to go and live at Leo's house. We had a grand time together and kept Mom Kathleen very busy. Leo is coming to my house in January, so my Mom will get to see what we are really like.

My Mom got back home on Tuesday, and then Thursday morning (12/9) - bright and early - we picked up brother Leo and Kathleen and headed off to NEADS for a training day in the city. Teena and Freedom joined us as well, my Mom loves these kinds of days... out with dogs and good friends.

We met up with Dave and did some work in the big training room. Mom says with some "luck" I will have future days of training in this big room with all sorts of "things" like wheelchairs, walkers, light switches and the like... I'm not sure what she means about that, but I did like have some free time with Leo after we had done our lessons.

After our training time at NEADS, we headed over to the mall. Dave wants us to get used to all sorts of sights and sounds, and the mall is a perfect place to work. We started out nice and slow... walked around just a little bit and then found a spot to sit and rest, and simply take in the sights. There was this area with all kinds of moving things on it, I was just as happy to sit and watch them.

As we felt more and more comfortable, we did some walking around. Mom took me near the escalator, we're not allowed to ride on them, but the metal floor just in front of them was an interesting thing to work on. I watched it for a few seconds, and then went over to see what it was all about. No problem with me... and I got a lot of treats for trying it out....pretty cool.

The parking garage was next. It was cold, and noisy in there, but we didn't mind. This is me with Leo and Freedom. I was even a very good girl and did my potty in the garage on the pavement. That's another thing a service dog must do.. potty where and when they can, Mom thinks that is a hard lesson to teach me.

It was a fun day, just enough for puppies. Mom tells me that we will have many more "city" days of training. Good thing because I don't get that kid of "stuff" on the farm!!! Mom has to make a point of getting me out and about so we can work in places like this... sounds good to me!!!
and until my next posting....
love Ginger

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