Friday, June 27, 2014

we're back!!!

And we're back again!!! I feel like we come to neads often, Mom says that we do... at least once a month anyways. Today, Abbie got to come along for the trip, she is very curious about "puppy training in the big city" and has asked many time if she could come along. I was happy to see that today was the day. After we got there, and said hello to everyone, we headed into the conference room, where Dave likes to talk about how the training is going. As we stepped in I noticed another black lab... who was very quiet. Abbie laughed and said "Danny, he's not real".. and then she walked right over to "him" to show me. 

I knew he wasn't "real", but I couldn't let Abbie think that she "wasn't helping".. so I went over and sniffed him. She then found "another dog" and brought him over to me.. saying "this one isn't real either Dan!!" Then she told me what I good boy I am for being "brave"... Mom, Dave and the others talked a while and then we packed up and headed into the city. 
Abbie was pretty excited about the whole trip. I don't think she has seen a place as big as this is, and she had lots of questions for Mom. Every chance she could, she would hug me and then say "he's doing really good here"... I must admit, it's very different from our life on the farm, but I was happy to show Abbie all around. 
The humans stopped for lunch at the big hospital. Here is Dave and Noah... I know that they are talking about our training and the things to do for the upcoming month, but I have to say, I can tell that they all have a good time just being together and talking "dog" (as Mom puts it) And where am I???  under the table, snoozing... taking a little break!!!!
I don't know if I ever said, but one thing I have learned is that my Mom does not like elevators.. and until she began raising service dogs, she would not get on them unless she had to. She does OK with them now, but it's still not her favorite things to do. However, not so with Abbie, she was so excited to hear that we were going to ride the elevators... look at the smile on her face...
These elevators at the hospital are glass!!! and Abbie and Sasha had the best time watching out the window as we rode up and down. 
Me??? well I watched for abit, and then decided that it was better just to take a little break. I've been on elevators before, and really one way or the other is fine with me. 
We hiked over the train station afterwards... I did some "unders", Abbie climbed around the bench above me. 
We watched the freight trains move some cars around. They're pretty loud., banging and crashing about.....
And then we waited for the passenger train to arrive. I have to say that Mom was a bit nervous having Abbie so close to the trains, but she loved them and watched (with me) all the people getting on and off. 
Ah yes, snooze time again. I just don't see the "excitement" in all of this. Dave says he so pleased to see how calm I am. I didn't think there is any reason to get all "worried".. it's a fun day, but really what's the fuss. 

Sasha feels the same way about it too. Dave says this is "just what he's looking for" Puppies who enjoy life, but take things as they come. Is that what I'm doing.. taking things as they come!!! sounds good to me. 

So, after the train, we headed back to neads. Got out things there, and headed for home.  It was such a fun day in the city, but I have to say, this trip, I think Abbie was the one who enjoyed it the most...

and that's another day in the..
year with Danny Boy!!!!

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