Friday, April 12, 2013

thought Mom called it spring???

Mom told me that "spring" had arrived. I have to admit, the air feels warmer and the snow is -- well was --- mostly gone. I have enjoyed seeing the grass again, and the earth smells so good... and then today... ice!!!! When Dad went out to put wood in the furnace... ice hung from it...
And the farm looks like this... sort of a mixture of both ice and snow. And it's cold again...
However, I have to admit, that I really don't mind what the weather is. And to make it even better, we have lots of friends who have come to visit while their humans are away... I have lots of play mates!!!!
Snowy, cool weather... good friends, and a big yard... now really, isn't life grand!!!!!

Sometimes, Mom had a hard time getting us to all come in when it was time (though not me, I ALWAYS come when I am called). But it's been a very fun week.... I love it when we have so many friends around!!!

life of.... Rylie!!!!

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