Tuesday, April 16, 2013

catching up....

OK.. so I don't get it... a few days ago, we had snow, and it felt like winter. I was playing outside with my friends... and now, just a few days later... my friends (well most of them, have gone back to their homes) and the snow is gone and it's warm (sort of again). Mom says.. that's what it's like in New England. The horses have been happy, Mom has been putting them "out in another spot" and they are beginning to find some green grass (they're favorite)
And the guinea hens have been released from their coop and they are out... looking for bugs to eat. (Mom says they eat ticks... which is a very good thing) And I know, from my training, that you never can chase after the guinea hens!!!!
Mom and I haven't been on too many field trips. She is so busy right now, but I did go into work with her a couple of days. I was very good at the post office, and just laid quietly while all the humans did whatever it was that they have to do. (Humans always seem to be so "busy" to me!!!)
Mom had my practice my "unders"... and learning to be as "small" as I possibly can be. Several people came in and went out again, and never even knew I was there.
It's beginning to be a busy time on the farm... Mom says they are getting ready to plant the garden and do all sorts of things. One day Daddy came home with this big piece of machinery... they call it a manure spreader. He used the tractor and went and filled it with all the manure that the horse had made....

And then started up this big machine (it made a huge noise) and began to spread all that manure around the field. Let's say it had an "interesting smell" but Mom said that will make the field grow better for the horses.

So, maybe now I can officially say... it's spring on the farm... and my very first spring too.... I think there will be lots of new things to see and do....

the life of..... Rylie!!!!!

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