Friday, August 24, 2012

the 4th of July.......

Another field trip.... Mom calls this day "the 4th of July" and she packed us up and took us over to Deb and Dave's house. She said we were going there for a cookout and to have fun with lots of friends (both human and k9). When we arrived, we found Dave cooking...
He then brought out these two strange looking things, and said "here Bogey, would you like these for lunch". I sniffed them all over and thought "really?"
But then "it" began to flap around and it tried to bite me. Ya, "no thanks, Dave" not my cup of tea.

Mom calls them "lobsters" and they were tossed into a pot and cooked. She was pretty excited about this "lunch"....
And here's what they looked like.. already to go. Course, I just had to lay quietly under the table while all the people ate. But, afterwards... I got to play with the other dogs that were, it was a good day.

onto the next adventure, Bogey.

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