Saturday, August 25, 2012

going to camp...

A few days after "the 4th".. Mom said we were going to camp. That sounded like fun, and the other dogs in the house were certainly excited when they heard the word "camp". But first, it was off to get some supper.  I (as usual) was put under the table....

We met up with the family, and everyone was having such a good time. (I just waited... I wanted to get to camp!!!)

Finally..... we got back into the truck and on our way. Well, sort of, we had to go back to the farm to take care of horses -- and while I was waiting in the truck... look in the mirror and you can see... Mona jumped up on the roof. What is she doing??? she can't come to camp with us!!!!


Camp was (is) so much fun. I was happy to see Naomi again... (she really loves me)... and it's just a place of family, "freedom" .. food and swimming....
This is Banjo... he belongs to Kas and Nate. He has this sad face, because his Mommy said no more swimming for a while. She thought he was too tired and needed a little rest time. Banjo told me, he didn't need to rest, but he had no choice when his Mommy told him "no". Ah... the life of a dog.

The weather was beautiful, we spent a lot of time in and near the water... did I tell you, I love the water.... swimming has to be one of my favorite things to do.

Trevor loves to swim too... we all took turns in the water.. that way Mom said she could keep her eye on all of us.

Hunter enjoyed his nap on the couch. Yup, camp is certainly the place for dogs... I think every dog should have a camp of their own!!!

always an adventure, Bogey!!!!

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