Saturday, August 25, 2012

cookout lakeside....(7/15)

Today was an amazing, the "bestest" day ever!!!! All the puppy raisers were invited to go to a camp that is owned by Gerry and Kathy. Now, if you don't know, Gerry is the CEO of NEADs. Actually their camp isn't too far from our camp, but it was such a great day to be with the other puppies and the raisers. 
It was another hot summer day, so much so, that even Camille decided to take a swim... and Camille really isn't a "swimmer" dog. (Mom felt a little sad knowing that Hunter, Trevor and Tazzy were all home and we were swimming)
Moxie and I had the best time together... Monty was a really good swimmer too...

To a golden... water and a ball!!!! Life does NOT get better than this!!!!

I swam to my heart's content.... I could have swum all day... oh ya!! I did!!!!

This is my new friend, Dan... he is Gerry and Kathy's son. He had so much fun with all of us puppies... we really loved swimming with him!!!

Look at this handsome dog.. this is Chase... Gerry and Kathy's golden.. he's an old boy, but you wouldn't know it. He kept right up with "us puppies".. and even showed how he can swim out to the dock and climb right up on it. Then he would dive off and do it all again...

Well, I decided that if Chase could swim out to that dock.. I could too. Dan went along with me, just in case... but I didn't need his help.. I got right out there.... it was fun!!!!

I'm a very good swimmer... and I would hope that where ever I "end up".. I will have the chance to swim.... I could maybe teach my new people how to swim!!!!

Camille didn't swim as much as we retrievers did. Maybe spaniels swim less than retrievers.. but that's OK, she seemed just as happy watching us from the beach.

After so much swimming the humans said it was time for a break (and for them a cookout!!!). We dogs had to get out of the water and take a rest while they ate. Moxie kept looking out to the lake, she couldn't wait to get back out there. Monty felt exactly the same way.... we just have to swim....

Course Mom is always looking for a picture.. so before we could go out again, we all had to line up and have our photo done!!! (from left to right) Monty, Clover, Camille, me (Bogey) Chase, Jasper, and Moxie.....

And the humans too... Gerry, Kathy (our wonderful hosts) Kathleen, Mom and Rick... I wish that all days could be spent by the lake!!!!

Looking for more adventures, Bogey

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