Tuesday, April 3, 2012

graduation and puppy swap....

Hey everyone.... take a look at this, we have a new graduate in our puppy chapter!!! Little Monty (who really isn't so little anymore) graduated from his puppy training classes!!! His Mom, Kathleen, tells him there are "miles" to go, but step one is now done.

This is Monty's class. There is one other puppy there you might know... the little black cocker towards the end of the line... that's Henry!!! He has been adopted and now has a family of his very own... he also has a new name --- Shadow. He told me, it doesn't matter what the humans call him, he is loved and that is what really counts!!!!

It was a beautiful afternoon, our friend Bailey had come to play. (he's a goldendoodle).. as you can see we have a really fun time together.

but, then Mom called and said I needed to come inside. I'm a good boy and I come when she says....

However, I didn't think I would be going in the tub. I really don't mind the tub, but I would have much rather stayed out and played with Bailey. Mom says that I'm going on a "puppy swap" and I have to look my best.

I ALWAYS have to look my best.... sometimes I would just like to be a "dirty" farm dog... but Mom says that's not for me!!!!

Oh hum.... well, I'm wondering what this puppy swap thing is all about... I'll let you know!!!

ready to go.... Norton

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