Saturday, April 14, 2012

field trip to the airport...

Otis's Mommy went on a trip last week. She had to go on an airplane, and so Otis and his Dad took her to the airport. When they got home, Otis's Dad told my Mom what a great place the airport is for service dog training. My Mom thought that was a good idea, and when it was time for Kelli to return home, we joined Otis and Rick for some training at the airport. After they got the car parked, we headed to the elevators for a ride into the airport. No big deal here, I like elevators!!!

Just thinking, this could be a really neat day....

We arrived at a place called baggage.... I know you don't see them in this picture, but there were all these bags going around on this "thing".. and people were stepping up and grabbing the bags off it. It was pretty noisy and busy, but I thought it was fun. We even saw a few other dogs walking around here.

We walked all around the airport. So many different sights and smells.. and all kinds of people, speaking in all kinds of languages. To be honest, Mom seemed a little up tight, but not me... I just strolled along. And then I found something that I knew would make Mom happy... a really big cup of coffee!!!! Too bad it wasn't "real".. but Mom appreciated the thought.

We did some sitting time too... just to watch the "world go by" as Mom puts it. We saw so many things, and so many people. I wished that a couple of them had stopped to say hello, but everyone seemed to be in a quite a hurry. I did get to say hello to a couple of children (which I truly love).. and then they were off to parts unknown.

Just chillin'.... and for some reason this really pleases Mom.. she says that a "relaxed attitude" is always good.

And then, from out of a huge crowd, there was Kelli - Otis's Mom. Boy was he happy to see her!!! and she was pretty happy to see all of us....

Then, we headed back to "baggage" so that Kelli could get her bag. Otis watched carefully for her bag. (at least he acted like he knew what he was looking for... I think it was just a show-- he really didn't know) I decided to watch the bag things too, couldn't have Otis looking better than me, ya know.

As were we leaving Mom spotted this. She said we should give it a try, that not only would it be good practice, but it might be needed.....

Well, neither Otis nor I "needed" it... but it sure had some interesting smells... I could have stayed there a long time.. Mom said "no"....

And then we were back on the elevator and heading to the car.. to head for home. (and see I found Kelli's bag!!!- it was on her shoulder!!!)
That's an airport.. pretty cool place if you ask me, I wouldn't mind going there again.
Ready to go, Norton

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