Friday, January 27, 2012

Hello..... NORTON!!!!

"Chapter Three" begins with two stories!!! The first one being --Dave's birthday. It so happened that when we (the Maine puppy raisers) were due to check in this month, the day fell right on Dave's birthday. Now, you just HAVE to make something of that, right??? So, even though Kathleen and I don't have puppies right now, we still check -in, and because it was Dave's birthday, Kelli and Ed joined us as well. This is what we "looked" like as we entered the building for our day of training!!!!

The "New York puppy raisers" were in on this as well (Hi gals!!!) and they supplied this beautiful cake. Dave got a few presents (one being some nice lobster meat!!!)

And to say he was surprised would be an understatement... we caught him completely off guard (which is hard to do)...

Otis and Edgar weren't too sure what all this fuss was about, but they waited quietly while the humans did their thing (just what service dogs are suppose to do). We only have two puppies in Maine right now.. Otis and Stoney (Edgar is waiting for his new placement)... but that won't stop us from being at NEADS each month and waiting for our next arrivals....

Course, the day couldn't be all party (it was all fun, but we have to be serious too).. so we made our way to the city, the hospital and train station. This time we really lucked out, as the train pulled right in. The conductor was so great and said that the train would have about a 20 minute wait and if we wanted, we could take the puppies on board and walk them around. What a great opportunity (especially for our country dogs)....

awww.. look at this sweetie pie... this is Vicki, and she is being raised in Mass. Her Mom will be joining us as well... between New York, Mass and Maine, we have a really nice group that comes together once a month. It will be fun to watch this little girl growing up....

But HERE's the second part to this story... this is Lorna and service puppy in training.... Norton!!! and if you haven't guessed by now, Norton is a now a Maine dog. Lorna had been asking Dave to take a little break and Dave thought we might enjoy bringing this boy to Maine with us.... course, we jumped on that idea!!!!

He is a nine month old Labradoodle. Very smart, full of energy and lots of fun. Lorna gave him an excellent start, and even though he is based from the farm now, I have a feeling that he will be enjoyed by all of us. I know that Bernice will love having him on a puppy swap, and Kathleen said she will do the obedience classes with him while I teach.

It takes a village (er chapter) to raise a puppy, and Norton... you're our new project!!!

Welcome to Maine!!!!

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