Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year

Now... I don't know exactly how humans celebrate the New Year, but let me tell you... this is certainly one good way to do it!!! Mom didn't tell me that brother Leo was coming to our house and so I was so happy and surprised when he showed up at the door. I couldn't wait to get outside with him, to race and run.. and I wanted to show him my really neat mud hole!!!! The ground has been so nice and soft, perfect for holes... and Mom said, go ahead and run.. enjoy your day!!!!

Leo's Mom is going away on a trip, so he is here for just a couple of days and then Mom said we will be going off to college together. I must admit I "worry" a little when Mom talks about "college" because it seems to make her kind of sad... since I really don't know what she means, I just try and cheer her up.

Watching Leo and I having so much fun seems to do that. She said that we will need big baths.. but in the meantime, it's all fun and games....

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