Friday, January 28, 2011

Rick has a new "project"

Guess what... it's another snowy day... and you know how I can tell... because Mom has a day at the post office and I get to go with her. (she always works on very snowy days, because her boss has to travel so far) I like going to work with Mom and the people who come by like seeing me there. Everyone comments on how fast I am growing....and how well behaved I am.

Of course I am a good girl... Mom says I have a very special job to do one day!!! And besides, I am told that "well behaved" dogs get to go places, and I love to go.

This is my friend, Rick... and he works with me on Tuesday nights when Mom teaches the dog classes. I work with Kathleen on Mondays and now with Rick. Mom says we are so lucky to have good friends help with our training. I like working with different people!!! It's especially nice, because they all "speak the same" to me, and it makes it easy for me to follow their directions...

"sit stays"...these are easy Rick!!!!

Just waiting for the word to "release".. but knowing I must stay put until I do hear it....

I do like puppy classes and learning new things, but the BEST part.... "visit time" after school... I do lots of work, but I have lots of fun too...

and until we meet again.... Love, Ginger

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  1. Ginger your a good girl and you are doing very well... lots more to learn though pay attention.