Sunday, January 23, 2011

checking in

Hello friends, and thanks for checking in on my blog... it's Ginger as you already know. Last Thursday was a"check in" day for Leo and me as well. We hopped in the car with humans Teena, Kathleen, Linda and my Mom, and canines Freedom, Leo and myself and headed for NEADS. They have lots of snow there too, but works continues year round for all of us...

We played (worked) with Dave in the training room. Leo and I showed him that we can (and do) come when called - even when we are playing with each other, and we showed him our "sits, downs, stays, and that we wear our gentle leaders and capes without any reservations. He took lots of notes on us and seems pleased with our progress.

From there we went to Home Depot to do some work in the store. This turned out to be a great place to practice... we pushed the shopping carts around, was admired by lots of people (they're used to seeing the NEADS puppies there)

practiced our obedience commands in public

and sometimes we just sat still and "took in the surroundings". In this photo a man was cutting a big piece of plywood with a saw... the noise was quite loud, but I was more interested in the fact that Mom might be handing out some treats.

As you can see, we took it all in stride (Leo doesn't look too worried about things!!) Talked with Dave and got our "new lessons" to work on, and the day seemed to be over in a heart beat. On the way home, we stopped to eat a the Cracker Barrel (a favorite of all the Mom's) and Leo, Freedom and I just hung out under the table... no one even knew we were there.
So, another month.... come and gone, we're going to check in monthly at NEADS, and Mom "fears" that will only make our time together seem to go faster. But, we're not going to worry about "that" just now.
and until we "talk" again.... Love, Ginger

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