Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a real snowy day!!!!

Hi everyone, it's me again!!! What a great day I had today. This morning we awoke to this.. a real snowy day!!! The wind was howling and at times, we had what Mom calls a "white out". I didn't spend much time outside, because the weather is kind of dangerous, but I did spend some time in the snow, and I got to go to work with Mom again this afternoon.

Oh ya.. you could call me a snow puppy for sure!!! This photos were taken early in the day, because tonite... when Mom went to let us all out.. the snow is so high that we can't even see the fence anymore. Mom is either going to have to do some major shoveling, or just let us out the front door for a bit...

I found this cup under the snow.. I don't know how it got there (neither does Mom) but it was great fun to play with for a while.

a "white out".....

A bit of time has passed (again) since my last blog posting.. I went and saw Dr. Spahn again.. this time I got the last of my shots. As always, I was perfect. I'm getting big!!!! I now weigh 32 lbs. and officially I'm the biggest dog in the house. Mom says that I'm not looking so much like a puppy anymore...

While we waited for the doctor, Mom had me practice "under" using the benches in the waiting room. It took me a little to figure this out, but once I understood... I do "under" every Sunday, because I now go to church each week with Mom and Dad.. these were good benches to work with, and Mom says we're going back to work there again.

The week after the New Year, my brother Leo came to stay with us. His Mom Kathleen went on a little vacation, so Leo came here. This was such a great week, Leo and I had so much fun. Mom would let us go out to play and we played so "hard" that she would have to bring us in and make us take a little rest. Leo is such a good dog, my Mom really loved having him here.

My "work" in public continues all the time. As I told you, I now go to church, and I go to work with Mom sometimes.. but here is my first ride in an elevator!!! Mom took me to the hospital in the town that she used to live in, and we "played" on the elevator. I really didn't see what the big deal was. Sure it made some funny noises, and it felt a little strange at first, but it wasn't any different than riding in the car.

Mom had me sit quietly and not go out the doors until she said it was OK.. which I did. Sometimes other people got on the elevator with us, but I just sat and wagged my tail at them. They asked Mom all kinds of questions.. but we're used to that too.
Now that the holidays are over, we'll be starting up with puppy school again. So, it will be fun to get back to seeing all my friends, and going to school with Leo. Next week (if the weather stays good) we're also going back to NEADS and check in with Dave... that will be fun!!!

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