Sunday, March 24, 2013

my first night out...

So, after "resting" for the past week, Mom finally said, I could "get back to work"... and tonite, we met up with all our friends at the mall. Supposedly it was to do service dog work, but the truth is, Mom is on a fact finding mission, because Linda, our leader, is going to be receiving an award at the spring graduation. She has been our leader for 20 years, and NEADS is going to give her a special award... anyways, since Mom knew we weren't doing too much work, she thought this would be a good first night out.

Everyone came and it was nice to be back with my friends... though, they thought the night was as boring as I thought. Here's Marv, just chillin' under the table, waiting for someone to do something!!!!!

Kathleen started Linda talking about the history of the Maine puppy chapter... and Mom found out all kinds of things she didn't know. Kathleen and Mercury are now together and they are getting to know each other and work things out.

 The other bit of news I have, Otis, who was puppy raised by Kelli and Rick, decided that he didn't want to be a service dog. So, he was let go from the program... but, the good news, he is going to live with Linda!!! and will work as a "demo dog" when she goes and talks to people about NEADS!!!. This also means that Kelli, Rick and Otis will have lots of time to be together once again.... and as you can see, he is always happy when he sees his "old" parents.

So, I am thinking that being a service dog is a pretty neat thing, but if for some reason, I don't make it ... I know that my life is going to be a happy one... and for any dog, that is a very good thing...

life of.... Rylie!!!!!

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