Friday, November 30, 2012

going to work...

One thing that I have discovered.. is my Mom "works" a lot of different places. She is always "busy" around the farm, taking care of us.. and she teaches dog classes, and Camille and I go with her. But she also works at another place... called the post office. Now, I haven't been there, but one afternoon, Mom said... "it will probably be quiet there today and you can come"
So, we put on my working clothes, and I went to work at the post office with Mom. It sounded exciting, but really, my job was to lay quietly under the desk. Even when people came.. Mom told me to "stay"... It was kind of "strange" being there, I could hear people coming in and out, sometimes they came to talk to Mom and other times, I could hear the sound of little doors opening and closing, and Mom said that people were picking up their mail.
Mom was happy to have my company there, and said it was good practice to come and be quiet. (I also have to do that in church)... I didn't find any of it "hard to do"... but it was rather boring - except that I got to be with Mom and Camille had to stay at home. So, i guess, I am "old enough" to go to work now.. and since I like to be with Mom... it's all good with me....

life with .... Rylie!!!!

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