Thursday, November 15, 2012

and we're back again!!!

This is my friend Moxie... she's being very good, and very quiet.. because we are in church!!! I was so happy to see her come threw the door and sit with us, I wanted to play so much, but Mom said we can't...
We're in church and we need to be good. I am beginning to understand that in some places, I have to just lay quiet and wait. Course it's also a good time to take a little nap, and that's never a waste of time!!!!
After church, we did have a little play time, and then we were off. I knew there had to be an adventure somewhere.. there usually is when Moxie and I get together. Today we went to watch a graduation of another service dog organization. I don't know anyone here, but the Mom's all did....
And one person in particular. This is Teena, her dog is Freedom and they are today's graduates. Teena was very excited to see all our Mom's (and Moxie's Dad) and she was so pleased that they came to support her.
As usual, we got a lot of attention from all of the folks there. Monty really schmoozed it up with a few folks.. he certainly knows how to turn on the charm.
But, I was asked to sit in on the graduation photo!!! Mom thinks it's because I'm still the baby of the bunch... but she thought it was nice to be asked.. so she said I could... (that's Teena and Freedom on the far left)...
You can see me in the front -- the blue vest -- I showed them.. I might be a baby, but I know my manners. So, when they said to sit and stay, I showed them that I could. I think everyone was quite impressed with my manners.. certainly my Mom was!!!!
A few days later, Mom and Rick took us to a "luncheon" and then a "talk" about NEADS. It smelled so good there, Mom said that the folks were having a Thanksgiving meal. Course, Mom and Rick were invited to eat, but Mox and I had to (yup) lay quietly under the table until it was time to do the talk. Ya know, there's a lot of waiting around when it comes to this "service dog" thing.. I have decided.
but after that, we talked with the people who were there. Everyone seems to like us so much... and I guess that's one of the parts that I like best.
And the next day..... we were back at NEADS. It's our check in date once again. I'm getting used to this routine now and know just what to expect when we have our day out. I like going, I like to see all the folks at NEADS, and I think the city is pretty exciting.
While the Mom's and Dad's met with Dave and talked over how "things are going" Marv and I snuck in a few quiet words ourselves. I find as long as we are quiet, no one minds if we visit together.


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