Sunday, March 18, 2012


This morning, we were all up early and heading out the door. Camille and I, along with Mom and Dad (and all the other puppies and raisers) were heading out to celebrate the spring graduation at NEADS!!! We met up at Kelli, Rick and Otis's house... the day was very warm, all our snow is gone and Mom says it's almost like summer.

Come on everyone!!! I'm ready to go and see what graduation is all about!!!!

but, before we got to graduation, the humans had to stop to "eat". What is this "eating" thing anyways.. they (the humans) always seem so happy about it, but us (the k9's) just have to hide under the table and wait for them. Actually we had to wait even before the "eat".. because it was busy there.

Mom says learning to wait is a good thing for a service dog... I say it's boring!!! But I am getting quite good at it.

Otis has it down pack... he just slides under anything (in this case a bench) and just "chills". Monty was trying to do the same thing, but like me... he's younger and this chill thing can be hard for us. Still though, he did a good job and all the Mom's and Dad's were pleased.

After just a bit though, Monty thought the under thing was getting a little much, and he tried to sneak out on Bernice....

Graduation is always such a special event, Mom says it is what all us service puppies are working towards. If we make it to graduation, than it's a great thing. I plan on making it to graduation that's for sure!!!!

Gerry gave a welcoming to all....

and when I looked around, I spotted some other friends!!! Here is Lynn and Checkers - I met them at mall night. Checkers is now Lynn's puppy, but her "other" puppy Gem was one of the graduates!!!

Camille!!! She's always so "perfect"... look at her sitting quietly and listening to the event. Course she's older and knows how to behave....

After a little bit though, she laid down with me and we snoozed while the ceremonies were going on... more "chillin'" I would much rather be socializing!!!!

Which I got do!!! This is Susan, and she is very special to me!!! She is my sponsor (she's the one that gave me my cool name!!!!) and she keeps careful track of my progress!!! I think she is great.... (and thank you for all your support of me and my other service dog friends!!!!)

By the time the day was over, I was pretty tired!!! It's hard work "chillin'" and then greeting all those people and meeting all the other dogs, and going out to eat, and having to behave all the time and......well... you get the picture!!!!

Bernice said I could share the back seat with her, so I stretched out, place my head nice and comfy in her lap, and fell right asleep.
A tired doodle for sure.....

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