Thursday, January 10, 2013

off with Auntie Linda..

For a little while now, Mom has been saying that it's time for me to go on a "puppy swap"...she explained that it's important for me to go and live with someone else, just to be sure that I do really know my manners and so I can learn how to get along with others. Well, that doesn't sound too hard. And so, we met up with Linda (our chapter leader) and I went home with her for a few days. Being at Auntie Linda's is neat.. for one thing, I have a new friend... Chloe, who is Auntie Linda's golden. She's a great gal and we got along just fine.

Then I discovered that Auntie Linda has the BEST dog beds!!! She works at Cabela's and can get all these great things.... I loved this Cabela bed!!!!
But, my time there wasn't all play. I was dressed and ready to go to work with Auntie Linda at Cabelas. Now, I have been there before with Mom (when we went to see the wreaths), but "working" there and "visiting" there are two different things.
I at first, met all the folks that Auntie Linda works with. They loved me right away and it turns out that I'm not the first puppy that has gone with work with Linda. Most of the Maine puppies go with her... the humans say it's a good experience for us... (and with all this attention, I have to agree). However, I am the puppy at Cabelas right now!!!
I met lots and lots of people.. some worked there and others are people who come there to shop. I like people, so greeting them is never any trouble for me!!!!
I have to say, there are some mighty strange looking things at Cabela's... but I soon found out, they're not alive... some do look kind of scary, but I know they're not real... so they don't mind me at all.....
One thing for sure, all this "work" and fun, sure makes a puppy tired. But I will have lots of things to tell Mom when I get back home!!!
the life of...... Rylie!!!!!

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