Thursday, March 24, 2011

NEADS day!!!

I find it hard to believe that here we are again... checking in with Dave at NEADS!!!! Mom says that we only go once a month, but since I am a puppy.. what does that mean?? I do know it's a fun day away from the farm and with my brother!!! (which is always good!!) This time, "T" joined us. I am beginning to like him, and he loves to play with Leo and me. While the humans talked about "our work".. we three puppies got to play in the big training room... that is always a good time. Then Dave had us do some of our "obedience"... and afterwards, we loaded back into the truck and....

headed into the "city". Mom says this isn't even the "big city" which I think we will see when the weather gets a bit warmer. But still, it's pretty big to me.. it was loud, and busy and cold!!!

We took a little time, just sitting on the curb watching the traffic go by. It is much busier here than it is on the farm, but nothing really phased any of us. We saw buses, trucks and lots of cars... there were a number of people too, but no one really noticed us.

And after we did that, Dave took us over to a "bus stop" and just had us sit there and watch all the going on's. The buses make a "hiss" sound when they come to a stop, which was different for me... but again, after a few moments... we all thought "so what". Dave tells us this is "all good", because he likes it when we don't really care....

Mom had Dave get this picture of us... "hanging out in the city".. just for the record... it looks much warmer in this picture than it actually was... because after this, we got right back to the truck.... we were freezing!!!!!

so, until my next adventure... love to you all...


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