Sunday, July 4, 2010

independence Day

Hello everyone, it's me again - Chester - and having Mom catch my blog up to date. Happy Independence Day!!! and it seems proper to be blogging about my training, because - with luck - my future job will be allowing someone their independence (with my help). I know that Mom hasn't done so well up dating my blog, she has been so busy trying to finish up the work with "our new house".. but my training has continued just as it should. And we have kept busy in that department as well.. so just no time for blogging. However, we both hope to do a better job of keeping it up to date in the future.

So, here I am with my buddy Cole. He is the oldest of the cockers in the house.. he's 15!! He's a great old dog, and I like him very much. Mom often has him travel with us, since he doesn't like to be left at home, and as you can see, we like to cuddle together in the back seat of the truck.

One of my adventures over the past month was attending Naomi's birthday party. She turned four this year, and Mom thought it would be fun for me to see what a little girl's birthday was all about. The kids were very happy to see me, and since I like them so much, I just wanted to do everything they were doing. They had this big bouncy thing that Mom called a "jumpy house".. Mom thought I might be a little worried about this. It rocked and rolled, made a funny little humming sound, and the girls were screaming and having a loud time in it.

Did it "bother" me... I don't think so.. in fact, I really wanted to get in there and play with those great little girls. Sadly, just after she took this picture, Mom pulled me out... but I would have joined them in there if I could have.

Our next big adventure was to attend the Summer graduation at NEADS. We traveled down with Kelly and Freedom again, and spent the night in the same nice hotel that we did last time. As always, it was great fun. This graduation was quite special because Deb and Rusty were graduating. (If you remember, I went to Deb's fund raising party before she got matched with Rusty). Graduation is always a wonderful thing, but it was especially nice to "know" someone there.

The day after graduation, we went over the NEADS campus to do some work with Dave. It was also Kelly's turn in day, so it was time to bid her "best wishes" as she continues on with her training. Mom knows that our day will come as well, and she doesn't like to think about it, though it will be a very special thing for us.

Dave had us "play" with the wheel chair lift on the NEADS van. I didn't think it was any big deal (neither did Kelly).. it made some funny noises and went up and down... no problem. I even had fun taking a little ride on it.

And then we went and played on elevators, stairs, worked around people... all the "usual" stuff (if you will). This is beginning to be "old hat" for me... Mom needs to come up with some new things for me to work with!!!!!

So, one Sunday afternoon, we traveled from the farm down to the coast. We hopped on the trolley... and headed into town. (the trolley ride was quite fun and I got lots of attention from the folks around us)

Mom, Kassy and our friend Kelly all had a nice lunch seaside...

I just hung out while they ate and visited. I am getting very used to this "restaurant thing"... I am just suppose to rest quietly, not bother anyone eating around me or pick up any "goodies" off the floor... I know the routine....

We watched the footbridge go up and saw a boat pass under it....

and walked around the sites in the cool sea air. Mom popped into a few shops...and I just hung out with her and was as good as always.
So, I am doing well, enjoying my time and the summer weather. Mom has a few more adventures planned.. so we'll be sure to tell you all about them as they come to be...
but, as you know.. I am yours... Chester

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