Sunday, April 11, 2010

a special training day...

Hi everyone.. meet my new friend... Deb. Today was a very special day, because Mom, Camille and I all went to a "fund raiser" that was for Deb... and why??? Because very soon, Deb is going to have her very own service dog.. from NEADS of course.

Deb's dog will be a hearing dog, and she is working hard to raise the funds needed for her dog. She"s getting close and today's event will make her that much closer. Not only were we at the event, but so were Kathleen and Kelly and Teena and Freedom. Everyone liked seeing us... "future service dogs".. we got lots of attention and our Moms were busy answering questions and telling people what it's like to be a puppy raiser... (which is great by the way)

We felt like the guests of honor... look at the wonderful doggie baskets that Deb made for us. They were filled with treats and toys!! If that is what you get for attending an event.. I think Mom should take me to a lot of them!!!!

Deb decided to have a 'silent auction" and she had so many nice things that were donated for "her auction". It was a good idea and there were a lot of good bids, I think she did pretty well.

There was also a "live band".. which is neat because none of us (service puppies) had ever been around a "live band". Personally, I found it very interesting and sat with Mom for a long time listening and watching the people play. It didn't bother me at all.

Camille likes to come with us whenever she can. Of course she can't go to all the places that I can go, but Mom brings her with us if it's OK. Mom calls Camille a "service dog supporter" and she really is. I like it when she can be with us.

After an already busy day at the fundraiser, Mom took me to one more place to do some training... it's called LL Beans (I guess it's kind of famous). We had fun there, played on the stairs, went up and down some ramps .. rode in an elevator.. got a lot of attention from the staff and customers. Even though I was getting tired, I still had fun and we didn't stay too long.

So, we'll be tracking Deb and can't wait to attend her graduation with her new partner. You all can track Deb as well on the NEADS website and if anyone would like to make a donation... you can do that as well.

another fun and busy day... and I am yours.... Chester

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